What we do

We research your territory.

We study and verify the connections between the geographical conditions and the natural quality of its wines.

We aim to enhance to plan an effective development for an optimized future of the product. We analyze the natural geographical identity of the vineyards connection directly related to the quality of the wine.

We use our patented new scientific research procedures, developed, and tested on over 26,000 vineyards.

We provide consultancy for product development and enhancement, linking the territorial identity to real components such as the production chain, product protection, commercial communication.

We provide training-

We qualify your vineyard with a Geo identity © evaluation certificate. It certifies your land’s value of.

Some of our activities:

Geographical classification in wine specification.

Identification of areas and geographical units intended for quality production (of PDO and / or PGI according to international legislation).

Additional geographical indications or wine territory subdivision in sub-areas.

Assisting the personal goals of winemakers and oenologists with scientific data.

Qualifying the potential of each vineyard in terms of: productivity, quality and typicity of the wine.

Sorting the grape variety in relation to their vineyard.

Assignment of the desired wine quality to the vineyards.

Production of wines with particularly territorial characteristics.

Support viticulture against climate change.

Promoting the qualitative and commercial sustainability of wine over time.

Services for organic farming, certification GIR © of the vineyards.

Maps, illustrations and divulgation.

“Wine, especially in Italy, is the poetry of the earth”.
(Mario Soldati)

Certified Geo Identity

We evaluate and certify the natural characteristics of the vineyard.



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