GIR was founded in 2018 by scientific researcher and geologist Carlo Ferretti, with 30 years of professional experience.

He has developed new methods to
classify the vineyard’s geographical
identity. These methods are recognized today on an international scientific level.

GIR is a scientific research company focused on the territory.

Our aim is to support the wine sector, study the territories and vineyards and offer solutions that upgrade the quality of the products.

There are natural geographical elements that can characterize agricultural products. Our goal is to recognize those characteristics and geographic peculiarities, perfecting your wine’s identity.

The land: the most valuable resource

Land and territory are a resource of nature, regulating the quality and value of the products cultivated within it.

Geographic location is one of the most important precursors of biosynthetic activities that influence the productive and qualitative potential of the vine, but also the aromas and quality of the wine.

The purpose of our research is:

Precise geographic classification of the area to promote the quality and communication of its wine.

Research to establish terroir identity that provides a clear reference guide for wine producers and consumers.

Provide tools for the analysis of the territory to develop best viticultural practices.

Evaluation of the wine production.

Assessment of productive and qualitative potential of every vineyards.


Your vineyards are unique and rare, we can unearth the identity of your territory and boost the quality of your product!